Make Some News! blends the passion of community reporting with the best practices of professional journalists. It presents a sustainable model for journalism. has won the Award for Excellence in Community Reporting from the Society of Professional Journalists, Northern California.

Newswire21 also operates San Francisco Bay Area Journalists as a project geared to helping a diverse group of more than 600 reporters, editors, photographers, filmmakers, online developers and others sustain high journalistic standards as they make the transition to new media in their communities.

Twice chosen as a finalist in the Knight News Challenge, a competition with thousands of entrants, Newswire21 currently supports itself entirely on donations from people like you while seeking seed funding to help it grow into a self-sustaining national news platform.

The Problem: Rapid cutbacks in US newsrooms have left them more dependent on wire services. However, those platforms were built on a 19th century business model designed by newspaper publishers for newspapers. Today, they're struggling like the newspapers. They emphasize coverage of disasters and celebrities and, by their nature, minimize community news.

The Solution: is a unique media model for the 21st century that will blend the work of trained community journalists with the high standards of professional journalists to produce high-quality local, national and world news. We also support "siloed" hyperlocal news organizations, helping them to stretch tight resources and distribute news of broader interest. Our primary editorial focus is on health, education, culture, consumer affairs, civic affairs and underserved communities.

Operating as a network, it will provide publishers with a more relevant, reliable, professionally supervised news report for a small fraction of the cost of subscribing to traditional wire services. Its news judgments will be guided by working journalists rather than CEOs of giant media companies, assuring that coverage decisions are based on sound editorial reasoning rather than profits or commercial value.

The pioneering project, selected as a finalist for the Knight News Challenge in 2009 and 2010, aims to become a self-supporting news cooperative after two years of seed funding. For now, it is seeking dedicated volunteers and funders to help get it going.

You Can Be Part of This
Newswire21 is assembling a startup team of journalists, academics, citizens, technologists and business managers. We welcome part-time or full-time efforts, and we extend a special invitation to journalists who've recently been laid off.

On the community front, we conducted a pilot project in San Francisco, leading a collaboration with San Francisco State's Journalism Department, the Center for the Integration and Improvement of Journalism, the San Francisco Neighborhood Empowerment Network, Spot.Us and others. The "Ingleside Project" won the 2010 Award for Excellence in Community Reporting from the Society of Professional Journalists in Northern California. You can read some of our award-winning stories in a special section called: Stories from the Ingleside (and Beyond)

N21 also operates the 620-plus member San Francisco Bay Area Journalists organization, which is helping journalists make the transition to new media. SFBAJ is cosponsored by: Bay Area Black Journalists Assoc., New America Media, Knight Digital Media Center at UC Berkeley, San Francisco Chronicle, Center for Integration & Improvement of Journalism, California Press Women, and For more information, visit: SF Bay Area Journalists.

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